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Sharing Ramadan with Others


    Can you believe it? Ramadan is almost over and we are right in the midst of the holiest time of this holy month: the last ten days which are full of blessings, forgiveness and mercy from Allah. Partly due to the physical toll of fasting and partly as a sign of respect for […]

True Spirit of Ramadan


    This Ramadan, Remember to Celebrate the Spirit of Fasting It’s the half-way point in Ramadan and who knew it would pass so quickly? Let me be honest and say that I am always filled with trepidation before the start of this holy month each year. With migraines making a frequent appearance due to […]

The Meaning of Independence Day

Independence Day American Muslims

    Today is a happy day – July 4, or Independence Day – when we celebrate our nation’s birthday. Perhaps you have plans to watch fireworks at a city park, or get together with friends and family for a barbecue. Or perhaps you are one of those who prefer to spend this holiday in […]

Anger Management for Muslims

Anger Management

    Imagine driving on the highway on a peaceful summer afternoon, enjoying the wind. Another driver cuts you off, spewing profanities. You realize that you were driving too slowly in the fast lane. Is driving slow a crime? Or is it something to be forgiven and forgotten? Now imagine how you would react if […]

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