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Muslim, Female and American

American Muslim Women

  Being an American Muslim woman today means having a world of opportunities and freedoms like nowhere else in the world. We have all the rights of our male counterparts, we have educational and employment options like none other, and we are still privileged as Muslim women with a sense of tradition and history of […]

The American Muslim Easter Egg Witch Hunt

easter egg hunt

If you are like me, you begin your morning with the top news stories from around the world. And lately if you are like me, you’ve been doing so with an increasingly frequent grimace of distaste or disgust at the behavior of my fellow Muslims. Yes, the Middle East and even previously quiet countries like […]

Blasphemy Laws Are Not Islamic

Blasphemy Laws in Pakistan

    Christian Persecution in Pakistan My heart bled today as I read the latest report out of my birth place, Pakistan: another Christian sentenced to death under the blasphemy law. The story is not new, in fact it’s like a tragic play already played out countless times in Pakistan as well as other Muslim […]

Racism, What Racism?

Black History Month

    Racism, What Racism? We are all created equal. An Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab. In the eyes of Allah it is our taqwa or piety that gives us distinction and not our race or material gains. Sounds familiar? From childhood we Muslims learn these important ideals of justice and equality and […]

EP 53 – Medea Benjamin of Codepink

Medea Benjamin

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Medea Benjamin, co-founder of CODEPINK, talks about her recent encounter with Egyptian police while trying to enter Gaza as well as her recent book, “Drone Warfare.” Medea is not only co-founder of both CODEPINK and the international human rights organization Global Exchange she is also the author of […]

Teaching Kids About Love and Valentines

Sorry Valentines Iam Muslim

  I Don’t Want To Be Your Valentine Today is a special day for Americans, a day when we celebrate love and commitment and other emotions important to the human psyche. Today is Valentine’s Day. You may ask, what am I doing writing about such a sexually exploitative and commercialized holiday on a Muslim blog? […]

Interfaith Harmony is an Islamic Ideal

World Interfaith Harmony

    Martin Luther King Jr. once said: Perhaps MLK was talking about racial equality, but I believe that the same challenge applies to religious tolerance and cooperation as well. Even though we as human beings and especially as Muslims aspire to live in peace and brotherhood, we rarely take steps to fulfill these ideals […]

EP 51 – Arabic Words in English

Arabic in English

Podcast: Play in new window | Download After countless interviews, I decided to venture back to a solo podcast starting with an episode on Arabic words in English. This episode is based on my reading of “Europe speaks Arabic” by Dr. V. Abdur Rahim. Dr. Abdur Rahim has authored five books solely on the derivatives […]

The Hijaab Doesn’t Judge, People Do

World Hijab Day

  If you’re an American Muslim hijabi like me, chances are, you’ve heard one or more of these comments from friends, co-workers, classmates, even strangers on the street. If you’re a teenager, those chances are even higher as you deal with the most immature of your peers in the school and college system. And if […]

EP 49 – Hind Makki of MuslimARC

Hind Makki

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Hind Makki, co-Founder of MuslimARC (Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative) joins us this episode to talk about her background and racism within the American Muslim community. Even though Islam preaches equality for all, unfortunately a vast amount of ignorance still exists within the Muslim communities all across America. MuslimARC was […]