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True Spirit of Ramadan


    This Ramadan, Remember to Celebrate the Spirit of Fasting It’s the half-way point in Ramadan and who knew it would pass so quickly? Let me be honest and say that I am always filled with trepidation before the start of this holy month each year. With migraines making a frequent appearance due to […]

The Meaning of Independence Day

Independence Day American Muslims

    Today is a happy day – July 4, or Independence Day – when we celebrate our nation’s birthday. Perhaps you have plans to watch fireworks at a city park, or get together with friends and family for a barbecue. Or perhaps you are one of those who prefer to spend this holiday in […]

Anger Management for Muslims

Anger Management

    Imagine driving on the highway on a peaceful summer afternoon, enjoying the wind. Another driver cuts you off, spewing profanities. You realize that you were driving too slowly in the fast lane. Is driving slow a crime? Or is it something to be forgiven and forgotten? Now imagine how you would react if […]

To all Muslim Fathers on Fathers Day

Fathers Day for Muslim Fathers

  Today is Fathers Day: that very American holiday, second only to Mothers’ Day, when men all over the country are celebrated and appreciated. Department stores put on sale all kinds of male gear including golf clubs, barbecue equipment and tools. Is it a coincidence that Fathers’ Day arrives with summer, when all things outdoors […]

EP 69 – Tariq Jalil author of “Islam Plain and Simple”

Tariq Jalil

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Filmmaker and Author Tariq Jalil joins us this episode to talk about his recent book, “Islam Plain and Simple.” Jalil addresses modern day misconceptions facing Islam in the West. His book offers valuable insight into some of Islam’s most controversial topics such as the Prophet’s life, hijab, polygamy, women’s’ […]

Islam Today: Murder in Allah’s Name

Islam Today Dr Mehdi Ali Qamar

  Islam Today Last week the western media resounded with reports of the murder of Dr. Mehdi Ali Qamar in Pakistan. CNN, among others, ran a story: world renowned anchor Wolf Blitzer invited Hussain Haqqani, ex-ambassador to the U.S. to talk about this latest killing. Yet for many Pakistanis themselves, whether those at home or […]

EP 68 – Dale Stephens, founder of

Dale Stephens Founder of Uncollege

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Dale Stephens, author of “Hacking Your Education” and Founder of joins us this episode. Stephens is what one would call a “hackademic.” He left traditional schooling at the age of 12 but has been acquiring knowledge through unconventional ways ever since. Surprisingly, his college educated parents were, and […]

Are We Worthy of Mother’s Day?

Mother's Day

  Today, America celebrates another Mother’s Day. Women of all faiths and backgrounds will get breakfast in bed, a day of relaxation, visitors and gifts. Even though it isn’t traditionally an Islamic celebration, Mother’s Day is celebrated by many Muslims who wish to honor and respect those most esteemed of personalities, the one under whose feet […]

EP 65 – Dr. Asim Yousafzai author of “Afghanistan: Cold War to Gold War”

Asim Yousafzai

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Dr. Asim Yousafzai joins us this episode to talk about his recent book, “Afghanistan: From Cold War to Gold War.” About Dr. Yousafzai Dr. Yousafzai is a geoscience professional and has worked in the South and Central Asian regions for the past 20 years. He received his B.S. degree from University of […]