Dr. Henry Giroux joins us this episode to talk about his recent book, “America’s Education Deficit and the War on Youth.”

“Giroux received his Doctorate from Carnegie-Mellon in 1977. He then became professor of education at Boston University from 1977 to 1983. In 1983 he became professor of education and renowned scholar in residence at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio where he also served as Director at the Center for Education and Cultural Studies. He moved to Penn State Univeristy where he took up the Waterbury Chair Professorship at Penn State University from 1992 to May 2004. He also served as the Director of the Waterbury Forum in Education and Cultural Studies. He moved to McMaster University in May 2004, where he currently holds the Global Television Network Chair in English and Cultural Studies.” * Excerpt from Henry Giroux’s website

Giroux is also Co-Director of the Public Intellectuals Project. According to the Project’s website:

“The goal of The Public Intellectuals Project is to provide a forum for academics, students, activists, artists, cultural workers, and the broader community to communicate ideas, engage in dialogue, and support higher education and other cultural spheres as vital places to think and act collectively in the face of a growing crisis of shared public values and meaningful democratic participation.”

Giroux can be reached via his Facebook or his website. You can also follow him on Twitter @HenryGiroux.

Purchasing Henry’s Books:

  • “America’s Education Deficit and the War on Youth” (2013), can be purchased on Amazon Kindle or Paperback.
  • “Youth in Revolt” (2013), can be purchased on Amazon Paperback.

In addition, in this episode you’ll find out about:

  • Casino Capitalism
  • Neo-liberalism
  • 3 types of war against youth
  • Giroux on Bill Moyers
  • Future books in 2014
  • A Qui Tam Relator

    Thanks Henry I always come away from your podcasts thankful their are folks like YOU out there who are the Lamp Lighters of the world.