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EP 59 – Isabella Cullen, a convert to Islam, shares her story

Isabella Cullen, a convert to Islam, joins us this episode to talk about her journey to the religion. Cullen has spent some time traveling the world and as a result speaks numerous languages such as French, Spanish, Portuguese, English and Arabic. As a child, Cullen started having dreams that eventually lead her to Islam. The most amazing of these dreams resulted in a 2 hour drive to a Masjid that she never been to before. Her path to Islam has not been totally smooth. She’s also faces opposition such as bad dreams and random personal events that seem to interrupt her pursuit of Islamic knowledge.

I am extremely happy to have her on this podcast to not only talk about her journey to Islam, but her dreams, challenges, oppositions and more.

You can follow Isabella Cullen on Twitter @isabellancali.

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  • Larbi B

    Mashaallah MASHAALLAH,Allah bless you ,this is my Love ,the source of my hapiness.

  • Larbi B

    My future wife Inshaallah.