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EP 38 – Mustafa Akyol author of “Islam without Extremes”

Islam Without ExtremesMustafa Akyol joins us this episode to talk about his recent book, “Islam without Extremes.” Akyol is a Turkish political commentator and author based in Istanbul, Turkey. I first became aware of him through his TedTalk. I was quite amazed and proud of him addressing the troublesome issues facing Islam. There is vast ignorance out there among non-Muslims and within the Muslim global community. These misconceptions eventually, and unfortunately, lead to Islamophobia and Islamic extremism. Akyol’s book, “Islam without Extremes” takes beneficial steps towards eradicating these misconceptions.

“Islam without Extremes” can be purchased on Amazon Kindle or Paperback.

Mustafa Akyol can be reached via his website. Follow him on @AkyolinEnglish.


Mustafa Akyol’s TedTalk, “Faith versus tradition in Islam”

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